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Like never before, in our current economic climate, all businesses in both the private and public sector, are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency, while staying competitive and providing greater value for money. All businesses have to look at innovative ways of working.
Introducing or enhancing Smarter Working practices in your organisation allowing you to retain your workforce expertise, is one way of making significant savings and improvements to your bottom line.

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We are 100% confident any initial complementary  consultation with CAL will provide you with an opportunity to think 'outside the box' and save you money.

Why work with CAL, what sets them appart?

Pioneers of the Matisse savings calculator, enabling any organisations to quickly identify and  benchmark tangible savings that they can make. CAL helps organisations implement a managed approach to successful remote or mobile working.

CAL's unique expertise  in both technical and commercial needs of  Smart Working  teams means that they can help you to work with your IT experts and external systems providers as well as your operational teams to deliver a complete solution. (Many consultants give advice on business change OR technology while CAL provides both.

CAL's vision is to become a key player in the revolution to modernise the way we work, to provide complete solutions to industry delivering real savings and increased profits through Smart Working teams.

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Don't take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have said:

“Thanks again for coming in to perform the health check.  I found this a very useful exercise and it helped me to focus my thinking in a logical approach towards remote workers.”

Westminster City Council.

“We found the health check and follow-up report very interesting … an opportunity to look at how our company is performing.”

Emap publishing.